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Restaurant & Hotel on the road of Grands Crus de Bourgogne

The Restaurant

We privilege regional produce and support local farmers

Our head chef, Vincent Chirat, showcases both culinary skills and quality products by cleverly combining the experience of the encounter between producer and chef. This is Vincent Chirat's concept of what cuisine should be all about.

Exceptional cuisine

In the kitchen we can innovate while respecting the authenticity of the products used.

Modernity in the kitchen today means knowing how to marry novel flavours using classic techniques and the banishing of useless artifices with ostentatious displays of decoration. This can only help to enhance the true value of the dish. Such is our chef's committed stance, who is a master in the art of cooking times for each dish.

The art of balance lies in respecting flavours and texture, where each and every one are present and can be enhanced without altering their true nature.

« In the kitchen we can innovate while ensuring that the authenticity of the products are respected. Each ingredient should retain its unique taste »

This can explain why, for example, Vincent Chirat sometimes does not hesitate in selecting his herbs himself, to be sure to use only the best and to use them right away, from garden to kitchen.

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Kid's Menu

Children up to 10 years old have their own menu with a selection from 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. All the food is homemade and served on with fun tableware.